To integrate with DocuSign, Please follow the instruction below:

What DocuSign Plan shall I buy?

Customers who wish to use the Ezidox/DocuSign integration must have, at the very least, a DocuSign Business Pro Edition subscription purchased from the DocuSign direct sales team. Please note that the Business Pro Edition that can be purchased off the DocuSign website will not work with the integration. Please contact and we will put you in touch with the DocuSign direct sales team!

Can I use an API Plan purchased online?

You can, but you will need the “Advanced API” plan, the only API Plan that includes DocuSign Connect.Unless you require the full functionality offered by the “Advanced API”, we would suggest to choose a corporate plan, which is much more cost effective.

 What if I purchased the wrong DocuSign Plan?

If you are happy to discuss options with DocuSign direct sales team, we can introduce you to the right person. Alternatively if it has been <30 days since you purchased the plan, you can contact support and request a full refund.

To Activate DocuSign from ezidox:

Click on the Username -> Settings -> Integrations -> "Activate" under DocuSign

Then you need to enter your credentials for either your development or production instance (production and development instances will have different credentials) in the popup screen as shown below:

Most likely, you will be using a DocuSign Production Instance; you can confirm this by checking your DocuSign login page. 

If it is "" then you are using the Production Instance.

If instead it is "" instead, then you are on the Development instance.

Leave the flag "Use Manual Setup for Docusign Connect" to No (see section below for further details).

Once you have completed the configuration on ezidox side, the remaining has to be done on DocuSign.

IMPORTANT: The steps below are NOT required if you have activated your DocuSign Integration in ezidox after 27th May 2019 or if flag "Use Manual Setup for Docusign Connect" is No.

From 27th May 2019, the Connect component will be automatically activated by ezidox - if both this AND the manual Connect setup are active, the system will receive multiple calls which may result in unwanted behaviour.

For DocuSign Integrations activated in ezidox before this date, DocuSign Connect will need to be configured manually; in this case the flag "Use Manual Setup for Docusign Connect" will be set to Yes

If you are unsure, please contact for any clarification.

Instructions to follow from DocuSign:

1. In your Admin panel, under Integrations -> Click Connect you can add a new connector.This is required to upload the documents back into ezidox.

2. Select Add Configuration -> Custom

Now, in the settings:

  • URL:
  • Enable Log: Yes
  • Require Acknowledgment: Yes
  • Associated Users: Select Users to Include and select the user you have entered in ezidox
  • Envelope Events: Envelope Signed -> Completed
  • Recipient Events: Recipient Signed -> Completed

Then save and you are now successfully integrated ezidox with DocuSign.

For any other help on integrations, you can always reach us at