To integrate with OneSpan, Please follow the instruction below:

Instructions to follow from OneSpan:

  1. Access the Admin section of the portal from your control panel

    2. In your Admin panel, access the  Integration menu

    3. Locate the API Key and copy it – you will need then to paste it in ezidox

    4. In the Callback URL field, enter “”

    5. In the “Select Events” section, select:

               Document Signed

               Transaction Completed

    6. Save Once you have completed the configuration on OneSpan side, the remaining has to be done on ezidox.

Instructions to follow from ezidox:

    Click on the Username -> Settings -> Integrations -> "Activate" under OneSpan

Then you need to enter your API Key that you collected before, for either your development or production instance (production and development instances will have different credentials) in the popup screen as shown below:

Most likely, you will be using a OneSpan Production Instance; you can confirm this by checking your OneSpan login page. 

If it is "" then you are using the Production Instance.

If instead it is " "  then you are on the Development instance.


Then save and you are now successfully integrated ezidox with OneSpan.

For any other help on integrations, you can always reach us at