Nothing simpler!

Just follow these steps

1. Activate Embed any Form or Web page 

Go to Settings -> Integrations, and activate “Embed any form or webpage”No setup required at this stage

2. Create a custom documents to embed any form or web page directly

Go to Settings -> Custom Document

Click on "Create New" or choose an existing document to configure; enter name, category and description

In the "Integrations" dropdown Select Generic Form and configure integration

3. Enter the following Details and save the settings

Allow Collector to customise the Form URL: If you want your team to be able to edit the link in each application

Allow customer to Mark the Form as Completed: If you want customers to notify you when the form is submitted (if you have a way to submit the form in PDF back to ezidox let me know and we can close the loop automatically instead)

Form Url: URL of the form (https)

Display Chat in the Form Viewer: If you want to show the chat in the form viewer

4. Once created, you can then add it to your custom template

5. Now create your Document Request, and don't forget to include your custom form!

Your customer will click on the document and will be able to upload the details directly to ezidox.

For any other help on integrations, you can always reach us here