At the moment Electronic Signature can be triggered only from the Document Request details screen, using the "Send Documents" function.

It is NOT available from the Create/Edit Document Request flows.

1. Open an existing Document Request, and select “Send Documents” and click on the + button

2. In the menu, set E-Signature to Yes, and select the document that you want to send. Click on SEND.

3. An email and push notification is sent to the customer with a link to the document request.

What does the customer see?

After logging in, the customer will see the Document Request containing the document requiring signature

By clicking on “Sign” the Signature Ceremony is launched

Customer can sign and complete; once completed, they click on continue, and they are sent back to their Document Request

The signed Document is automatically uploaded in the Document Request, and made visible to the Customer

Collector can see both the signed document and the Evidence Summary