1. Go to the Settings Page from the Top Right Menu

2. Select “Attachments”, then click on “Create New” on top right  

3. Enter the relevant details and select “OneSpanSign” and click Next

4. Upload a PDF document that requires signature

5. You will now see the eSignature Template Selection screen:

  • You can either select either “Create new template” or pick an existing template (if any has been previously created)

6. As soon as ready, the “Edit Esignature Template” button will appear; click on it

7. The OneSpan signature configuration screen appears, with a pre-populated list of customer types (the same that you will see in the ezidox Document Request screen):

8. Select all the relevant ones, scroll the menu and add to the document the relevant fields for each


9. Once completed, click on DONE on the Top Right, then close the Modal with the x on the corner or close button at the bottom.

10. Click on CLOSE