To authenticate to the ezidox system and access to the developer APIs, the first action to do is:

  1. Register an account
  2. Go to Settings
  3. Select “Company Details” and create a new Company
  4. Select “Developers” and create a new Developer, including the IP Addresses to include in the whitelist 
  5. To bypass the IP Address validation, enter * in the IP Address field (not recommended)

You will then receive:

  • ApiKey: a randomly generated alphanumeric key
  • ApiSecret: a randomly generated alphanumeric key

That you will need to pass each time a REST call is generated in the header of the request using the following format:


The full list of REST APIs can be found to the following address: 

In order to access to the private APIs you will always need to be authenticated as per previous section.

The API call will accept and respond with JSON messages.