This user guide is aimed at Collectors that are administrators of the ezidox account.

If You are a Collector with administrator rights to ezidox™, You have the full responsibility for: 

  1. properly maintaining the list of users with access to Your instance of ezidox™, including a regular review to ensure it remains appropriate and that all users who no longer require access to ezidox™ are removed; 

  1. assigning and maintaining appropriate user access/roles/permissions, appropriately limiting those with administrator level of access to ensure appropriate security practices are used to prevent unauthorized access to ezidox™ by anyone other than authorized personnel; 

  1. ensuring any custom roles defined by You and any other administrators are appropriate and enforced; 

  1. ensuring the security settings of ezidox™ comply with Your specific security policy requirements; 

  1. ensuring the supervision, management, and control of the use of ezidox™ by Your personnel and other authorised users; 

  1. notifying Us of changes made to Your technical or administrative contact details; 

  1. maintaining the security of data associated with integrations and API’s connected to ezidox™ which may result in confidential or sensitive data moving outside of the ezidox™ platform into third party applications; 

  1. reporting any security related concerns or incidents to Our security team in a timely manner by emailing with a full and accurate description of the concerns or incidents.