The following guide will go through the process of creating a dynamic DocuSign Template that allows text to be used in documents as a placeholder for signature, initial and other tags.

It is meant to solve the use case where a document that needs to be signed contains different format and length for each specific customer, and fixed ‘Signature Placeholders’ will not be sufficient.


Collector account with DocuSing integration active

Document that needs to be signed.

Adding Anchors into a Document

Before creating the template, we need to add the “Anchors”. Anchors are texts where the DocuSign template will attach the contract/Document.

    1. Open your Word/PDF Document.

    2. Choose the  areas you want to add DocuSign elements (such as signature, initials, etc), write a unique text to serve as the Anchor.  Anchors can be any name/label as along as it is unique. 


    3. After typing the anchor text, change the colour of the anchor text to white or to the background colour of the document. This way the anchor text does not appear when the document is viewed, making the anchor text invisible to the recipients of the document.

Creating a Anchor text DocuSign Attachment 

    1.Got to your profile icon

    2.Choose settings -->Attachments-->Create New

    3.Enter the Necessary details Name and integration level.

    4.Click Next to browse and upload a document

    5.Once uploaded  choose "Create New Template” from the drop-down list. You will then be redirected to DocuSign eSignature page.

    6.From the Standard Fields options on the left menu, drag out the required  fields into the document.Here we have used Name,sign and date.

    7.Next we will be setting up Location of each fields(Name, Sign, Date). Instead of manually moving it into place, we will be attaching its field to its own Anchor.

    8.First, click on the "Sign" field  then choose Location from  the right-side menu and select "SET UP"

After clicking “Set Up” a pop-up dialogue will appear there type the Anchor for Signature field in it. (E.g. In the image-1 of this faq the Anchor of Signature was set as “Signature_1”).

Click Apply once the anchor name is entered,The Field will now snap into position of the text “Signature_1”.Repeat the same for all other fields(Name and Date) assign each field to their specific Anchor name.

Once done Save and Close the settings.

Now you're template is ready to be added into a customer request