Nothing simpler!

Just follow these steps:

1: Create an illion BankStatements account.

Simply sign up online at and you'll instantly receive your 4-digit personal code.

2: Configure your company in ezidox. If you have already done it, you can skip this step.

Go to Settings -> Company Details and create a new company

3: Activate integration

Go to Settings -> Integrations, and activate Bankstatements.

  • Enter your referral code
  • Specify whether you want to receive your Statements also to your email address; statements will be submitted to the email address that you have provided to illion

Click on "Save Settings"

4: Create a bank statements document

Go to Settings -> Custom Document
Click on "Create New"; enter name, category and description (optional)
In the "Integration" dropdown, select Bank Statements and save.


If you have specific settings ad Document Level, click on CONFIGURE INTEGRATION

Here you can:

  • Override the default Bank Statements Referral Code; if specified this will take priority on the code defined at integration level
  • Choose whether prompt customers ONLY for centrelink details (instead of their bank details)
  • Choose whether to prompt customers ALSO for centrelink details (in addition to their bank details)
  • Collect bank statements only for a specific BSB

6: Once created, you can then add it to your custom template

7: Now create your Document Request, and don't forget to include your Bank Statements document!

Your customer will click on the document and will be able to upload his bank statements directly to ezidox.