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25th January, 2019

New Features:

  • Ability to choose if download each document as pdf or zip

  • Send reminder email to collectors before purging documents from Document Requests
  • Send email to collectors when 100% of customer documents have been uploaded; the email can be enabled/disabled in the collector profile settings.

  • Ability for collector to search for users when changing owner to a Document Request

  • Renewed Email/SMS Template Editor with WYSIWYG viewer

Feature Improvements: 

  • Export all application as zip/pdf functionality enhancements
  • Add LandLine Number in Webhook.Actor DTO
  • Add parameter "NotifyCustomers" to Create/Edit Application B2B
  • Additional Filename Format available as "Document Name + Original Filename"


  • Some documents appearing blank after having uploaded: Fixed
  • Exception when creating a new company in some scenarios: Fixed
  • Incorrect text field with code appearing in the settings section for e-signature enabled attachments: Fixed
  • Incorrect documents which are not default are included in Create Application B2B: Fixed
  • Mandatory documents are not selected by default in Edit Application B2B: Fixed
  • Notifications tab in application details is showing secondary applicant documents when there are multiple applicants: Fixed
  • Fix unexpected server response (401) Error displayed when view Document / Document File sometimes: Fixed

Release Versions:

  • Web Services: Release-178
  • Customer Portal Release-8
  • Collector Portal Release-12