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5th February 2019

Feature Improvements: 

  • Improved uploader screen for customers; better layout to ensure a streamlined document upload

  • Rejected/not relevant document notification style for customers has been updated 

  • Companies can now configure/disable the popup congratulating with customers when all the documents have been uploaded

  • CSS/iFrame enhancements to improve flexibility during integration of WebViews
  • Ability to export individual files when using Google drive export - this is configurable at company level. The setting applies to both export as ZIP and Google Drive

  • B2B Stakeholder Webviews Services: Updated services so that all the information is passed in the request payload, rather than the URL for additional security. This also allows to use email addresses with +.
  • Automatically download files when export PDF/ZIP is completed; previously the user had to click on popup window to complete the download.


  • In Edit application, it is not possible to add individual documents if the group is empty: Fixed
  • Fixed ability to test email notifications; previously these were sent to an invalid email address, now are sent to the user address: Fixed
  • B2B Create/Edit Application Services: the flag IsApplicationLevel is not working. When documents are flagged as "Application Level", they should be included only once for all the applicants in the application: Fixed
  • Back button when used on a page containing ezidox iFrame, is causing iframe to refresh rather than the host page to go back: Fixed

Release Versions:

  • Web Services: Release-180
  • Customer Portal Release-9
  • Collector Portal Release-13