ezidox comes built in with standard email templates that can be used. However, you might want to configure the email template or create new ones. This guide is going to helps you how to do it.


Have Admin rights in ezidox Collector account.

Basic Knowledge in HTML

    1.Go to your Profile icon--->Settings

    2.Select the option Notification Templates from the Left side menu

    3.Click on Create New to start creating a new email template 

    4. Enter the necessary details


            Scenario       : Categorize the template according to where it is used.

            Name           : Name of the Template.

            Share Level  : Allow other collector to use or just for personal use.

            Subject        : Title of the notification (email/SMS)

    5.Now enter your HTML Template in the content box,use the placeholder drop-down list to select and generate the placeholders that you need. 

Once you click a placeholder, it will appear in the HTML Content box.

(This step requires some knowledge in HTML and CSS to complete)

    6. Refer the preview box to see how it looks,once you’re satisfied, Enable "Link to document Template" to choose an existing custom template to be linked.

    7.Once done Save the template.

Cloning a notification Template

     1. Under Notification Templates find the Email template that you wish to modify. 

     2. Click on Clone button to start creating a cloned version.

     3. Edit the Fields as per your requirements.



    4. Now edit the  Content box to make changes your template(This step requires some knowledge in HTML and CSS to complete). 

     5. Once you’re done, link the template to a document template  and save the settings.