Requesting and Sending documents for complex transactions is a manual time consuming process for both customers and collectors; it’s not easy to track which documents have been received, what's missing and when all the documents needed have been received.

Collecting, validating, naming and filing documents into document groups, ready for others to review, are manual tasks often outsourced to an admin team or offshore resource.

ezidox is a solution to all these problems, and from the beginning targeting only the broker market, has now extended and focus any process involving documents from customers, becoming a key part of these.

Our base version of ezidox is customisable so that you can specify the names of documents you need to collect and group them any way that suits you so that you can easily manage the document flow.

This means it can be used for pretty much any situation that requires the collection of multiple documents from any source. Automatic reminders, full audit trail, progress meter and a whole bunch of other time-saving features are included as standard in ezidox.

Collectors simply need to create a Document Request, select what documents they want to receive and send. ezidox will notify the customer (Sender), who can see the documents requested and upload them from a responsive website and iOS/Android mobile apps.

Collector and sender can then track the progress of the application in real time; both have a consistent unique view of what is happening.

OCR functionality takes care of automated TFN removal.

ezidox does a lot more than that, so start using it and find out just how easy we have made document collection!