Simply! You will receive an email invitation from a collector containing a link to register on the ezidox web portal where you enter your details and select a password. You will then be directed to complete your profile.

Alternatively, there will also be a link that directs you to the appropriate app that you can download (iOS (Apple) app or the Android (Google) app) and then register via the app. 

Once you have registered and logged in, you will receive a list of the documents that you need to send. If you already have a document in digital form then you can upload it via the ezidox web portal or via the Android app (unfortunately, Apple doesn’t let you manage existing documents from their mobile devices). 

If you only have a paper copy, then you can use your smartphone’s camera to capture the document and it will be turned into a pdf (after you have edited it as required) and sent to your broker/lender. As you send the documents requested they will be accepted or rejected by your broker/lender and you will be notified accordingly. 

As they are accepted, you can track your progress via the progress meter on the ezidox web portal or your smartphone. Easy!