Adding a new document:

Click on the user name top-right corner of the ezidox Collector portal, you will get a drop-down in that click “Settings”, it will direct to new page in that select “Attachments” tab

Here you can Add & Manage all the documents to be sent to customers:

  1. On selecting “Attachments” tab,  Click on “Create New+” button
  2. Then enter the name, comment & choose whether to share with colleagues and/or to include when creating new document requests. Then Click "Next"
  3. Browse your Device, Dropbox or google drive and upload the document

Sending documents for existing Application:

Click on the application for which you want to send the documents to.

Within the application you can upload a document to send out by Clicking "+" within "Attachments"

Or you can Click "Edit" & Upload to document/s to send with "Additional Documents

Sending Documents, during the Application creation:

After entering details of sender and selecting documents to be requested, withing the section "Select the documents that you need to Send Out" add or remove documents you wish to send out.