To view Notifications and Activity Settings:

First login to your account to view the list of applications on the dashboard. You can click on “All" option to toggle between views and also search for applications. You can also filter lodged application according to the status.

The collectors dashboard comprises of four broad lists of options

    1.  Draft, In Progress,  Lodged, On Hold Applications


    2. Only My Request of Applications (Filters applications created by you) 


    3. Overdue Applications

    4. Unopened Applications



The notification center will display any activities or updates like addition or removal of collectors, creation of new applications, document uploads etc.


Notification menu will display notifications for events. For example, when a new Collector is added, or when a existing collector is removed. When a new application is created, it will notify other collectors. Notifications are also sent when a document is uploaded by stakeholders/other collectors or when comments are added to the Document by  stakeholders/other collectors.


A small  red flag next to the application indicates that your action is required for the application.