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28th March 2019

New Features:

  • Collectors can now decide if including attachments in emails, based on a company setting
    • Always include
    • Never include
    • User can decide

  • Customers can download attachments from anonymous applications, based on a company setting. Up until now, customers had to register to download them. In combination with the setting above, we can force attachments to be downloaded from ezidox directly and avoid sending them via email.

  • Added ability to associate multiple Illion BankStatements referral codes on a document basis; the referral code specified on the document would override the default code specified on the integration


  • Removed SMS content after sending SMS via gateway
  • Updated ezidox T&C


  • Fixed scenarios where iFrame couldn't load due to Ad Blockers
  • Fixed ability of locked PDF from editing after exporting as PDF
  • illion Bankstatements sometimes were not working correctly when launched from mobile phone

Release Versions:

  • Web Services: Release-192
  • Customer Portal Release-14
  • Collector Portal Release-18